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Global Teaching Labs (GTL)

GTL for IAP 2021 will not run due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Apply to the MIT Global Teaching Labs

Through Global Teaching Labs, select MIT students are matched with high school hosts for three weeks in January. At each location, the students prepare tailored courses on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects that complement the school's curriculum and highlight MIT's hands-on approach to education.

Past Program locations


























 South Africa  



 Uruguay   Uganda


Past Program Subjects

To increase your chance of acceptance, please review the subjects offered in different GTL locations (below) before applying. You are more likely to be accepted to a program if you are qualified to teach a needed subject in the country you select. 

  • Andorra: App Inventor, Arduino, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Math, Matlab, Physics (Kinematics, Electromagnetism), Python, Robotics, Scratch, Technical Drawing ***need one French speaker
  • Armenia*: Students can define the topics they teach, though preferred areas are AI, Machine Learning,Robotics
  • Brazil: All STEM-related subjects, AppInventor, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Product Design, Robotics.
  • Chile: Computational Thinking, Python, Scratch
  • Colombia*: Arduino, Programming, Robotics, 3D Printing
  • France*Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Nanotechnology
  • Georgia*: Computer Science, Engineering, Entrepreneurship
  • Germany: All STEM-related subjects; Computer Science
  • Ghana*: All STEM-related subjects
  • Israel: App Inventor, Arduino, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Java, Math, Mobile App Development (IOS/Android), Physics, Python, Robotics,  3D Printing, UX/UI
  • Italy: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Debate, Earth Science, Math, Physics, Robotics
  • Jordan*: All STEM-related subjects, Computer Science, Data Science, Makerlabs, Entrepreneurship
  • Kazakhstan: All STEM-related subjects, Entrepreneurship, Robotics
  • Korea: All STEM-related subjects with hands-on applications
  • MEET*(working with Israelis and Palestinians): Computer Science (Python)
  • Mexico: All STEM-related subjects; Computer Science, some hands-on Engineering and Environmental Science projects
  • Morocco*: All STEM-related subjects
  • Peru*: Arduino, Coding, 3D Printing
  • Russia*: All STEM-related subjects, Art and Design, Entrepreneurship
  • Scotland*: All STEM-related subjects; particularly Biology, Computing, Engineering, Math, Psychology, and Art, Design & Technology
  • South Africa: All STEM-related subjects
  • Spain: App Inventor, Arduino, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics, Python, Robotics, Scratch, Technology *** individual teaching and group workshops
  • Wales*: All STEM-related subjects
  • Uganda*: All STEM-related subjects
  • Uruguay*: Entrepreneurship, Machine Learning, ML Business applications

Program requirements and selection process

To be eligible to participate, students must have a minimum 4.0 GPA and submit a MISTI GTL application. Select applicants will be contacted for an interview after the application deadline. 
Additionally, students will be selected based on the following criteria: knowledge of subject matter, adaptability, leadership ability, communication skills, interest/experience in teaching, interest in the host country, and fit with team/program.